After years of sharing photos of my food, cocktails, and other fun and crazy things in my life on Instagram I decided it was time to create a space for it all. This blog was inspiration from all of you who support me. I hope you enjoy what I’m creating!

Cook. Clink. Chaos.

Cook. My cooking style is definitely random. I’m not a chef! Sometimes it’s completely homemade, other times I live for simplicity. If you are looking for either, it will be here! I spent nearly a decade in the food and beverage industry and picked up nothing more than silverware and dirty dishes. I had zero desire to cook, had absolutely no clue how to make anything but a sandwich, and survived on the restaurant cooks and drive-thru windows to feed me during my time in the business.  But life changes, things happen, and I began to explore cooking. A lot of my food is off the cuff creating. What do I have on hand? What did I see and want to try and recreate? Not everything is a winner and not everything is completely homemade. That’s OK! It’s all what brought me excitement and confidence in the kitchen. I hope it does the same for you!

Clink. My friends and I love to gather for happy hour. When that can’t happen I enjoy being creative at home. Classic cocktails and random mixology. I applied the same approach to my cocktail experiments as I had to cooking. What do I have? What sounds good? Who can I enjoy them with? Cocktail making led to sharing what I was doing with my friends on social media to feel connected to people. Who doesn’t love a 5 o’clock cocktail after a full day of video calls? Find your inspiration with spirits too!  

Chaos. Fostering dogs, playing fantasy football, watching the Shockers hoop, traveling the world, dancing to old school hip hop. Creating joy. My love of dogs expanded into fostering for a local rescue organization called Wichita Animal Action League. I had a chocolate lab named Ruxin and he was the most AMAZING dog. I knew he would be great with other dogs so I took a giant leap into fostering in 2016. That leap has led to me fostering 18 dogs and adopting 2 of them (FOSTER FAIL). Deacon the Dalmatian and Mosby the Supermutt. Chaos is the greatest part of my life!

This has surprisingly been the most enjoyable hobby I never EVER thought I would love. Of course my story has many more chapters, and this is just a very brief glimpse into how this page came to be. I hope this blog becomes a space for you to find creativity in your cooking, enjoyment in cocktails with others, and some entertainment and inspiration for more good chaos in your life.

So that’s me. Cook. Clink. Chaos. I am so very glad you are here!

This is my life!

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